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Stainless Steel Bottles Manufacturing Process

Shanghai Himmers Industraial And Trading Co.,Ltd Hall: Hall 5 Stand: 5C91

Many people are curious and want to know how vacuum-insulated water bottles are made.

Here we will show you the manufacturing process of vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottles step by step in detail to help you understand.

The material used to make insulated water bottles is SUS304 (18 / 8 food-grade stainless steel).

1. Shell processing process: Outer tube picking - cutting tube - bulging - segmenting - bulging - rolling middle angle - shrinking bottom - cutting bottom - punching ribs - flat top opening - bottom punching - flat bottom opening - cleaning and drying - inspection- qualified shell.

2. the inner shell processing process: Inner tube picking - cutting tube - flat-tube - bulging - rolling upper corner - flat top opening - flat bottom opening - rolling thread - cleaning and drying - inspection- butt welding - water leak detection - drying - qualified inner tank.

3. the outer shell and inner shell assembly process: Matching cup mouth-welding mouth-pressing the midsole-welding bottom-welding joint inspection and welding bottom-midsole spot welding getter-tailless vacuum technology vacuuming-temperature measurement-electrolysis-polishing-temperature measurement-inspection polishing-external pressure Bottom - spray painting - temperature detection - inspection spray painting - silk screen printing-packaging - finished product storage. -

Not all stainless steel cups need to use all processes. For well-known reasons, we do not show the complete process flow.

You are welcome to visit our factory and our latest production equipment and all production processes.


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