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Exhibitor List Feb 2024

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Candle Connection

Stand: 5F51F
  • Gifts

Candle Connection was established in 1999 in order to fill a huge void in the Egyptian candle market.  At that time, the only candles available were basic tealights, birthday candles and tapers.  

We began supplying hotels, restaurants and event planners with the basics...pillars, hollow candles and glass filled candles.  As our business grew, we continued to add more products in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as keeping up with color trends.  Brass, wood, metal and most recently, blown glass accessories have been added to compliment and dress up our candles.

Corporate giveaways and private label are now a significant part of our portfolio, which continues to increase annually.  We hope to expand internationally by gaining the trust and credibility with international buyers.  

Our slogan:  Lighting Your Every Occasion




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  • We call it our royal jewel because of the exquisite detail.  Mouth blown, each layer is hand painted and trimmed in 24kt gold.  The multi colored layers allow you to choose from a variety of candle co ...
  • Sleek, tall  and lean, the ancient Egyptian Bastet or Bast cat is the goddess of religion representing justice, fertility and power.
  • A symbol of innocence and modesty, the lotus is the national flower of Egypt.
  • A striking color in ruby red, these mouth blown glass candle holders are the perfect compliment to to dress up pillar candles.
  • One of our most popular candle containers, is the pyramid cup.  The shapely cover has  a pyramid like brass knob decorated with a tassel and oriental charm.  Shown in greige. 
  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    There is no waste when it comes to our candles. Any damages, defects or excess candles are melted and poured again into molds and containers. Any dirty wax that may fall on the floor is gathered and sold to companies that repurpose it for their needs. For example, we have a shoe polish company that purchases all dirty, unusable wax. Another company used the wax for their equipment.
    Sustainability initiatives
    Many of the hotels will return the melted, unusable candles. We issue credit for each kilo returned. We take this wax, filter it and use it for the very dark colors such as black and navy.
    Pledges for the year
    We hope to continue being as sustainable as possible and to continue with sustainable materials.
    Social equity at your company
    Our employees are paid well above the minimum wage and those on salary are compensated very well. Their medical bills are paid by the company and we provide transportation to and from work. Most factory workers in Egypt have 1 day off, whereas we give them 2 days off.
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