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Kendaka - /Ke:Ndæk٨ 

The name historically given to brave, strong and wise Nubian Queens.

Kendaka is an Egyptian company with a multicultural background, producing upcycled high-quality products. It is a story of women creating an inclusive community for women in Badr City (Cairo). Kendaka is run by empowered artisans who specialize in three different sectors; plastic, glass, and textiles. Kendaka is an environmentally conscious brand driven by the social-impact aspect as well as evolving the sense of belonging to the community. The artisans co-develop, co-design and co-manage the organization. 

Kendaka commits to choosing sustainability, by reusing waste and creating upcycled functional pieces that complement your space, fashion wardrobe and your lifestyle. 

Kendaka's brand identity is rooted in its Egyptian tribal heritage with a multicultural background. It represents a community of empowered artisans in Badr City (Cairo) who specialize in upcycled high-quality products. Kendaka is driven by a commitment to sustainability and social impact, creating a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the community.


Badr City

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  • Kendaka.Upcycles has been designed and customizing different gifts sets for different ocassions in the egyptian market. Here are some examples of our product design and development of the gifts.
  • Our glass upcycled collection varies from glassware to decorative glass items. Some are made with the most frequently used jars in Cairo, others with soda bottles and wine bottles make beautiful lante ...
  • Kendaka's upcycled tableware collection varies from textile-scraps crocheted into beautiful circular coasters or pan coasters to plastic bags weaved into platemats, all to add warmth and sustainabilit ...
  • Looking for a modern farbic plant pot? or stylish baskets to organize things in your living space? Our diverse textile products are guaranteed to add a unique bespoke atmosphere to your home and will ...
  • The cozy and comfortable cushion cover gives an unusual, yet elegant look to your living area
  • Women of Kendaka

    21 Jan 2021 Nouran Nour AUCTV
    Kendaka, an Egyptian project that endorses the art of upcycling through a group of women who utilize their artistic sense in crafting and making sustainable glass and plastic products. Watch more in t ...
  • The story of Kendaka artisans

    19 Mar 2023 @elsahaegalhurra