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Exhibitor List Feb 2024

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Prabhu Naidu Pvt Ltd

Stand: 5C90
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Certainly! Here's a revised company description focusing on fabrics and cotton carry products:


**Company Description:**

Prabhu Naidu Private Limited stands at the forefront of social impact, dedicated to transforming rural India by empowering over 10,000 women through employment opportunities. Our core expertise lies in textile manufacturing and crafting cotton carry products, fostering economic stability and self-reliance in rural communities while contributing significantly to India's manufacturing sector.

Specializing in producing high-quality cotton fabric and customizable cotton bags, we cater to both domestic and international markets. Our fabrics, meticulously crafted with precision, embody our commitment to superior quality and customization, meeting the unique demands of our buyers.

In addition to our textile expertise, our soap base production includes 100% natural, sulphate-free, and skin-friendly glycerine-based soaps, featuring variants like Shea butter and goat's milk. Complementing our offerings are cold-pressed edible oils – coconut, sunflower, safflower, white and black mustard, and white and black sesame oils – all extracted from wood-pressed machines, ensuring natural purity without sulphur content.

Collaborating with numerous NGOs, Prabhu Naidu Private Limited amplifies its social impact, championing sustainable development initiatives in rural areas. Our unwavering commitment to empowerment, sustainability, superior fabric production, and crafting premium cotton carry products propels our mission to create a brighter future for rural India.



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