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Exhibitor List Feb 2024

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Village women artistry

Stand: 5B100
  • Gifts

Village Women Artistry is a hand craft company. Village Women Artistry was established back in 2017. Village Women Artistry export is sanganer jaipur based company.
We are specialists in quilts, marigolds, skirts, tapestry, saree and scarf. The quality we have- cotton, silk, patch work and vintage.
Everything is handmade with love and care by the rural women.

The story behind Village Women Artistry establishment- honestly there is no sad or emotional struggle story behind our company. It's a sparked moment idea that is now becoming a lifelong dream.
The idea comes from my or even everyone's household,in every home there is a woman who likes to reuse the waste material or just doesn't like to throw away the fabric which is still beautiful. They are trying to create something useful, beautiful and long lasting to use.
 In a nutshell my grandmother mostly make quilt from waste or the small fabric which is not useful to make a proper product for household or personal use, from there I get this idea to start my business and giving employment to our creative rural women
 Our vision to increase women empowerment and at last but not the least we all know that access amount of waste textile is harmful for our environment, that's why i use want to grow my business in crafting line.
 Your little support can increase women empowerment and help a little to save our environment.




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