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The Moró Collection : Rose Blanket

Cassiopeia Hall: Hall 8-7-6-20-19 Stand: 19E10d

Our Moró collection offers beautifully hand crocheted rose blankets in an array of colors for babies. These stunning pieces are a perfect addition to your nursery or home. Immerse yourself in the beauty of roses entwined in soft virgin wool, each one features exquisite scalloped edging adding a touch of sophistication. Each blanket is handwoven with love by talented artisans predominantly underpriveleged women from diverse parts of the world. Our mission is to uplift these exceptional individuals and provide them with life changing opportunities. Every purchase of these masterpieces enable  you to become a part of the global movement that empowers small artisans globally and provides them a platform to educate their children and put food on their tables. Become a catalyst for change with us.


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