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Joanna Spolton

Joanna Spolton

Founder, Rumage

Jo Spolton has been involved in the circular economy for 8 years now and recently founded, her second marketplace, which is a search engine for anything preloved, refurbished, upcycled and secondhand.  

Connecting brands to buyers and educating them as to why it's necessary to become more sustainable in production, value retention and consumption, and how easy it can be to make that shift to the circular economy. 

Active in the startup scene in the UK, she knows first hand the problems both new and established brands have when entering into the circularity of things. Following the trends and motivations for consumers to change their consumption habits is a key part of providing the solutions needed for a more sustainable future.  

Featuring on various podcasts and articles she talks about the emerging solutions for consumers, generational differences of adoption, and the shifts in perception of the preloved marketplace. She is passionate about enabling circularity and sustainability to be the first choice.