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What will you find at Source Home & Gift?

Our team is working with governments and agencies from across the world to bring best in class manufacturers and artisan producers to the UK to share their capabilities with the UK market. Our job is to balance scale and quality across key buying categories, with a range of minimum order values and range of finishes.

We will bring together hundreds of manufacturers to help you create your ranges and assortments across the following categories:


One of the widest ranging categories, from every day essentials, tableware, decorative accessories, ceramics … the list goes on. We strive to ensure that we have the range and scale, from artisan makers in the UK that are perfect for bespoke range creation for the higher price points to opening up the Turkish ceramics manufacturing hub. Homewares is a category that is a staple of any home and gift store.


Doubling down on sustainability is important to us as we tap into UK consumers need to gift their Children toys that are on trend, but importantly sustainably and ethically made. Bringing together the best sustainable toy manufacturers from India and Asia, and the same time encouraging smaller UK based manufacturers into the section . This section will offer both large scale manufacturing capabilities as well as hand crafted beautiful toys that anyone would wish to gift, from puzzles to plush toys, Source Home & Gift offers something unique.

Stationery & Greetings

Greetings cards and small stationary items make for the perfect private label ranges. We will bring together a range of paper manufacturers combined with those suppliers who can create anything you need. If you are looking for small items or a range or gorgeous note books, cards, pens, pencils, highlighters made sustainably and ethically, this section will bring together a group of manufactures capable of bringing your brand to life through products.


One of the biggest categories at any show, at Source home and gift we will be sourcing the best artisan makers, fashion accessories, candle producers, small electronics….  and anything else that is contemporary and on trend and catches our teams eye. This sector of Source Home & Gift will be bursting with newness and on trend products that will not be seen elsewhere in Europe.


Perhaps one of the most exciting categories for us to bring under one roof is that of furniture. Many wholesale and home retailers have experienced a huge amount of disruption and are looking for new manufacturing options. Working with export agencies in South East Asia and central Europe we will bring together a range of manufacturers capable of supply the UK market. From solid wood furniture to high quality occasional items, to outdoor furniture this edited and curated sector will bring a range of factories to the UK that will be exclusively working with Source Home & Gift. 


Textiles and soft furnishings are a perfect cross over from home to gift and make a perfect category for any lifestyle retailer. Leveraging our relationships with the textile sector we will bring together a range of large scale manufacturers and smaller artisan producers that will be able to make to order, or co-create something for you on a smaller, luxury scale.

Technology and Services

At the same time as working with a range of manufacturers and leading factories we will also bring together a range of consultants, design houses and auditing agencies that can talk to you about any challenges you may face in your procurement or manufacturing processes.  Creating a more sustainable and ethical supply chain that functions in a cost-effective way is the holy grail for many of the businesses, so at each edition of Source Home & Gift we will bring together some of the best companies that are looking to help buyers and procurement teams like yours.


Packaging is about to become big news in retail as various sustainability levies come into play. We are bringing together a range of packaging suppliers who have highly sustainable solutions to packaging challenges. Whether it's biodegradable, carbon neutral or simply smartly designed to generate minimal waste. Packaging is a place many retailers and brands can make wins on the sustainability front.