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  • Are We Entering a New Age of Repair?

    21 May 2024 Insider Trends
    It wasn't that long ago that repairs were a part of everyday life. But as products became more widely available at affordable prices, the balance began to shift away from ‘make do and mend’ to buying ...
  • How to get the best from your visit to Source Home & Gift

    15 Jan 2024 Sara Allbright, Director at Retail100 Consulting
    You’ve decided that you want to source your own product directly from manufacturers and have identified a great opportunity of visiting Source Home & Gift to start this journey. To ensure you can make
  • In our list of 10 retail predictions for 2024, we’ve tried to go a little deeper to get to the heart of what’s going to be affecting the industry, the customer, and the way you do business.
  • September witnessed an upswing in consumer resilience and optimism as macro conditions improved. However, cost of living pressures remain a defining force for influencing shopping behaviour.
  • Unusually poor weather in July put downward pressure on retail sales, but the overall macroeconomic picture is steadily improving.
  • Favourable weather gave seasonal lines a boost in June, but high living costs continue to erode discretionary incomes.
  • UK consumers are continuing to face high living costs, but warm weather, public holidays and the approach of summer reveal growing resilience as seasonal sales trends endure.
  • The UK economy is set to avoid a recession this year, but many households will continue to adopt recessionary behaviours due to persistent inflation and steep rises in interest rates…
  • Near-term difficulties drag on, but the outlook brightens. Despite ongoing financial challenges for many consumers, optimism is increasing as recessionary fears recede.
  • Consumers and retailers continue to be stung by high prices, but a combination of growing resilience and easing recession expectations means confidence is picking up.