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Hear from internationally renowned industry professionals and experts as they discuss the latest trends and topics in responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

05 Feb 2023
  1. Responsible Retail Stage
  2. Responsible Retail Stage

    Ever-changing speeds of production and consumption demand a more considered approach to trends. Consumers are looking for brands to balance newness with longevity, making sustainability a more important part of the value equation.

    • Shifting consumer behaviours and market conditions mean trend forecasting must become more agile
    • The consumer has never been more influential in shaping the decisions brands and retailers make
    • A new approach to core and seasonal collections can help brands to be both sustainable and inspiring
  3. Responsible Retail Stage

    With the rise of the conscious consumer over the past decade, brands and retailers are going the extra mile to ensure responsible sourcing. Brands know that their commercial success is directly dependent on maintaining quality and their ability to address customer concerns regarding human rights issues and environmental requirements. Being known as an ethical brand with a healthy supply chain leads to:

    • A massive gain in competitive advantage
    • An increase in customer loyalty
    • Improved brand reputation
  4. Responsible Retail Stage

    Are you looking to source from new markets and regions? It’s important to know what to consider before you start your overseas sourcing journey, how to plan your sourcing routes and what comes from where. The team from Retail 100 Consulting will share their experience of product sourcing for a wide range of home and gift assortment types from across the globe. Get practical tips on:

    • Sourcing pros and cons, and top travel tips
    • Ordering and shipping from abroad
    • What can you do to source sustainably
  5. Responsible Retail Stage

    Wrapology and Enibas have been on a 10-month journey redesigning 12 pieces of packaging. Working closely, they have designed, developed and manufactured sustainable packaging, with Wrapology making recommendations based the most suitable materials depending on the product, budget and timelines. The process included:

    • The circular economy and the life cycle analysis of packaging
    • Choosing and developing material
    • Evidence, certification and communication to customers
06 Feb 2023
  1. Responsible Retail Stage

    Join us as we celebrate the opening of trade between the Hazhou province and the UK. Learn about this beautiful region and their manufacturing capabilities.

  2. Responsible Retail Stage

    Protopia, a realist’s idea of progression, is central to strategic and creative thinking for spring summer 2024. BDA London’s Trendhub research reveals how this hopeful but realistic view filters through to home and interiors, identifying the key commercial messages across colour, materials and form:

    • Craft and the artist’s touch help people celebrate their individuality and build long-lasting stories through their homes
    • The drive for sustainability should be seen as an opportunity for ingenuity, combining technology, innovation and creativity
    • Technology moves seamlessly into art, nature, design and living, creating newways to experience our world
  3. Responsible Retail Stage

    One of the most effective ways manufacturers can reduce resource use and waste production is to look closely at design practices, material suppliers and manufacturing processes. Here, we’ll look at different elements of lean and clean production, as well as the opportunities for your business:

    • Purchasing raw materials
    • Ecodesign in furniture manufacturing
    • Manufacturing process optimisation
  4. Responsible Retail Stage

    Consumer demand for seeking ways to tackle Climate Change is shaping the rise of thrifting, second hand and rental. With research predicting that the second-hand market will double within the next five years, retailers may be concerned about their potential for growth. As Founder of boutique mother and baby brand, JoJo Maman Bébé, Laura grew the company from start-up delivering a business with values and putting people and the planet above profit. This stance led to JoJo becoming one of the first fashion and gift retailers to achieve Certified B Corporation status. She has now exited the company to pursue a low carbon hospitality business, embracing a circular economy with upcycling, recycling and low food miles at its core. Her insight will offer ideas on:

    • How to enhance your business values and eco-credentials
    • Help you to engage with Generation Z
    • Meet sustainability goals, and offer new products
  5. Responsible Retail Stage

    Green supply chain practices incorporate sustainability concepts into traditional supply chain management. The goal is to help the retail industry to reduce carbon emissions – minimising waste and maximising profit. Every area of the supply chain has room for green improvements – from manufacturing and purchasing to distribution, warehousing, and transportation. What are the first steps to developing a more sustainable strategy?

    • Introducing ethical sourcing practices
    • Reusing waste or by-products 
    • Redesigning your processes and optimising transport
07 Feb 2023
  1. Responsible Retail Stage

    Being in business is incredibly tough right now and not just because of inflation, energy, and a cost-of-living crisis. It’s tough to just keep up with the landscape of challenges: Have we got the right product? Is it made of the right material? What policy is it subject to? What’s its impact? And where, oh where, should we start in ‘greening’ our business. Join Helena Stopher in conversation with James George to help you to:

    • Understand your ‘why’
    • Think big, start small, and
    • Resources and support available to you
  2. Responsible Retail Stage

    Toast Ale believes in everything B Corp stands for and has long been working towards becoming the most sustainable business possible. Mindful that in a marketing world where green washing is the latest ‘trend’, customers need to know that they are making informed buying decisions. B Corp provides that reassurance. Join to find out:

    • Where the business is now and what sustainability initiatives have been introduced
    • How you can pursue purpose, as well as profit
    • Future plans and the next big step
  3. Responsible Retail Stage

    What is sustainability’s impact on new product development? Who’s at the cutting edge of making real change? Will consumers change their behaviour and buy more ‘cheap’ and less sustainable products again? During this session, Kate will share insight on:

    • The key pillars of responsible sourcing
    • How you can use seasonal trends in a responsible way
    • How the cost-of-living crisis will impact attitudes towards sustainability
08 Feb 2023
  1. Responsible Retail Stage

    Free returns – a massive selling point for online retailers to entice potential customers, making purchases seamless. But eCommerce returns are a messy, wasteful process. Not only do retailers lose hundreds of billions in revenue each year, there is also the environmental impact to consider. Retailers are starting to examine the sustainability of their returns and exploring ways to minimise them without sabotaging sales. Such as:

    • Changing the consumer mindset to encourage fewer returns
    • Making packaging easier to recycle or reuse
    • Maximising the user experience to minimise product disappointment

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